Co-op design system team weeknotes: Issue 1

  • Ciaran Greene (Interaction Design)
  • Matt Tyas (Product and One Web Principal)
  • Molly Whitehead-Jones (Content Design)
  • Alex Hall (Content Design)
  • Gaynor May (QA)
  • Tom Walker (User research)

Our first focus: Accessibility and standards

Week 1 began with a planning session and the team unanimously decided to focus on the theme of accessibility and standards.

Helping Co-op achieve its vision: Co-operating for a fairer world

Our Co-op vision gives us clear direction that this is a thing we should focus on. If we truly believe in this vision – creating user experiences for everyone is an inherently Co-operative thing to do.

What we’ve done

We began by creating a draft accessibility framework based on the outputs of a workshop held the week before on accessibility testing. Roughly we decided we might need 3 levels on which to test our products:

  • Level 2a: CMS level – less defined right now, but is about ensuring when integrated into Contentful the standards are still met and content editors know they need to enter (things like) meaningful alt tags to images
  • Level 2b: Product level testing. Will be a framework and tools to help product teams test their own bespoke products.
  • Level 3: Components and products tested with real people of all abilities and cause them no issues in completing tasks. This is the ultimate aim as we can be most confident we’ve removed any able bodied bias by finding out how people really use our products.
accessibility framework spreadsheet

What’s next

We’ll be continuing with this work both creating the framework and finding issues in the design system that need to be fixed.

Our roadmap

We’ve also spent time on a rough and ready roadmap. There’s more work to be done on the ‘when’ and ‘how’ of the items in it but right now it looks like this:

Post-it notes showing high level design system roadmap

Contribution and support

We are also looking at designing a clear, regular contribution to live process – that will start soon – watch this space.



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Matt Tyas

Matt Tyas


Service and interaction design. Product, team management and front-end engineering.