Co-op design system team weeknotes: Issue 2

Continuing with our work on accessibility

This week we continued with our work on creating an accessibility testing framework.

Why is it important?

You can read about why we’re focusing on accessibility here.

What we’ve done

We’ve now tested 38/42 components across 16 categories. The framework is a work in progress so we found we could only run 548 out of a possible 693 tests.

  • couldn’t be tested as the component is not surfaced in the design system as yet
  • are not applicable to a component. For example the colour palette is not rated against using the correct HTML elements — we count these as passes to get a simpler metric.

What’s next?

It’s a pretty good start, but only part of the story. These are component level tests done in isolation. We know that (in One Web anyway) many accessibility errors occur when components are used in the content management system, integrated into websites or are to do with larger bespoke functionality.

  • looking into how we can automate some testing in the design system and web platform tenants
  • beginning to create a user journey level testing framework that we’ll test with product teams
  • Working with Dave Cunningham on the above and getting his help in more clearly defining what pass/fail really means in relation to the WCAG AA/AAA guidelines
  • planning more content design-led work as we welcome Alex Hall into the team after his sterling work on Membership
  • Having 2 days per fortnight of maintenance — to allow us to fix the accessibility errors we’ve found

Last weeks survey

Last week we added a short survey asking if you had read our weeknotes and if the email format worked for you as an update.

Contribution and support

We’re looking at designing a clear, regular contribution to live process — that will start soon — watch this space. We’ll also be starting to understand how we work with and support product teams.



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Matt Tyas


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